Short Sleeve T-Shirts

$13 each, includes shipping


 Email to order. Blue with white logo shown is SOLD OUT.


Slate Gray/White Logo

Email to order.


For the Ladies

$13 each, includes shipping

Women's Black/Silver Print 'Louisville Pipe Band' - plain on back, no LPB Logo. These shirts run SMALL so you might consider ordering one size larger!

Email to order.


Long Sleeve T-Shirts

$15 each, includes shipping



 Email to order.Blue with white logo is SOLD OUT.


Band Caps

$13 each, includes shipping


Email to order.


Embroidered Land's End Polo!

$32 each, includes shipping

White/Blue Logo or Black/Yellow Logo

 Email to order.


Band Patch

 Email to order. $5.00 for large, $3.00 for small


Band Bumper Sticker

$3 (or free with purchase of any other item) 



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